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March 4, 2010

Earthquakes are a known natural hazard in Minnesota.  A 3.4 magnitude earthquake was measured on 28 September 1964 in Pipestone County, Minnesota.  However, there is a fairly low risk of seismic activity in the state.

That said, USGS has done some interesting mapping on the recent earthquakes in Haiti (7.0 magnitude, 12 January 2010) and Chile (8.8 mag 27Feb10).  The New York Times overlayed & published the map above of the estimated Tsunami path originating from the Chilean earthquake.

It is a good idea to look more closely at your own area’s earthquake risks.  The USGS map below shows probabilistic ground motion maps for Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) in the United States, 10% return in 50 Years, 0.5Hz (2.0 Seconds) Spectral Acceleration.

Much more info at USGS Earthquake Hazards Program.


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