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Minnesota State-wide Mitigation Plan Draft Posted for Review

March 3, 2011
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States are required to update their state-wide hazard mitigation plans every three years to maintain compliance with the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (PL 93-288) and the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (PL 106-390).  The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) have updated the Minnesota All-Hazard Mitigation Plan for 2011 and posted a draft online.

The current draft update for 2011 Minnesota All-Hazard Mitigation Plan  is now available…for public review and comment through March 18, 2011.

I read the update.  It comes in at a trifling 341 pages (a 13Mb PDF), plus an Appendix (19Mb PDF), nice light bedtime reading…  As we say here in Minnesota, “Ufda!”

I think Minnesota’s HSEM has done a good job updating the document.  I was very hesitant at the start of the tome.  It starts out as a straight-ahead compliance document—straight to the point and fairly useless for anything but checking boxes on a crosswalk.  However, further into the plan the language loosens up a bit.  It still gives a useful overview of recent natural hazard events, while also describing the mitigation planning and project process.  Overall the plan provides useful summaries of state and local mitigation programs, plans and projects that will help local communities do their jobs better.


  1. Introduction
  2. State Profile
  3. Planning Process
  4. Risk Assessment: Identify and Profile Hazards
    (Natural Hazards, Other Hazards)
  5. Risk Assessment:  Vulnerability Assessment
  6. Mitigation Strategy
  7. Coordinating Local Mitigation Planning
  8. Plan Maintenance Process


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